Friday, 6 September 2013


Check out this coat from, they stock a huge range of clothes at great prices so go have a look! Absolutely love this long trench from their online store, the simple style is perfect for me and it fits really well. 

Added my favourite jumper which I'm stupidly excited to wear non-stop this winter; I love summer but I'm always excited for layers when winter comes. Still loving these shoes too, so glad I popped back to H&M to get them!

Friday, 30 August 2013


Finally got sorted to sell the clothes I've been making over the summer! I'm obsessed with lace in menswear which has made it's way into a number of collections in recent seasons - Astrid Andersen, Versace, J.W. Anderson to name a few, and who can forget Marc Jacobs lace dress and underwear combo at the 2012 Met Gala. I experimented with it in a project last year but ended up using more sheer fabrics in the end, so I couldn't resist going back to it. 

The small collection uses accents of lace in everyday garments to create wearable pieces with a subtle twist. Monochrome and the addition of a navy lace aim to mirror the delicacy of the lace mixed with an urban style. All items are made from existing garments, reconstructed to add the lace elements. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

SS14 PT.2

A little overdue as I've been busy with various things, mostly involving uni prep. Think I have everything just about sorted now, there's a list of about three things I still have to get but apart from that. Desperately just want to go now, 16 days to go and I already have everything in my room sorted into things I'm taking and things I'm leaving behind. Anyway forget that, here's the second part of my review of the SS14 menswear shows

Colour blocking looks set to be one of the biggest trends for the season and was shown perfectly by Christopher Bailey at Burberry Prorsum. The simple block colours of red, yellow, green, and blue give the collection a playful nature, the addition of pastel shades and offsetting them with black, white, and beige ensuring the looks are far from childish. Absolutely love this collection, the coats and jackets in particular!

John Galliano's show in Paris has to be one of my favourites of the season, there's such a nice balance of print, shape, and colour blocking which makes for such an exciting collection. The navy and yellow looks are so well put together; the print on the trousers in the second is perfect with the flash of the yellow shirt. The bottom left look here is incredible too, I love the subtlety of the layering on the shirt and coat mixed with the gentle print on the trousers. 

Raf Simons is always one of the most highly anticipated of the shows and usually a favourite of mine. However I wasn't initially a huge fan of the collection this season, some of the silhouettes felt a bit off to me at first and I'm still not a fan of the dungarees I have to say. The more I look through the collection though, the more I like it. The prints and colour pallette particularly are brilliant, I love the mix of pop art style prints with a futuristic style. Definitely still the most exciting brand around.

Definitely not a fan of the prints and colour pallette here but I thought Walter Van Beirendonck was worth a mention for the blocking on his suits. The lines, particularly where they fall diagonally around the waist work really nicely, the beige and blue combinations however, not for me.

Again where colour blocking was used really well to fit to the figure was at Gucci. The trousers here are brilliant with the blocks of colour on the upper and lower leg; it's such a nice simple addition to make a flattering and interesting silhouette.

Balenciaga by Alexander Wang is definitely tied with John Galliano for my favourite collection. Minimal and monochrome are basically my favourite things and this pretty much embodies that. The beautifully fitted leather jackets work perfectly and I love the half tuck/half untucked shirt. The use of the semi transparent PVC for coats and jackets look beautiful and so wearable; I love a subtle statement piece! Basically just want everything from this collection to magically appear in my wardrobe... if only.

That's my take on the season anyway, looking forward to which trends catch on next spring!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Snupped is an online company that create brilliant and original cases for tablets and laptops, offering a huge range of options to create an individual design. As well as works by designers and artists, they also let you upload your own image to make a unique and personal sleeve.

I chose a picture I took a couple of years back on a trip to New York looking down at Seventh Avenue from Central Park, I love my monochrome and the contrast works nicely in the design. The sleeve itself is well padded without being bulky, it'll definitely keep my laptop safe and no doubt will come in useful at uni!

Matching the colours in the design, I styled the sleeve in simple black & white with a shirt I made recently, black skinnies, my new favourite shoes (£40 from H&M), and a grey beanie - simple is always best!

Check out Snupped at their website and go like them on Facebook!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

SS14 PT.1

Been meaning to do this for ages: here's a quick rundown of my favourites from the Spring/Summer 2014 menswear shows. The season came just after college finished up so I was glad to have something to focus on to be honest ( app was a saviour in keeping up with the shows as they came)! So many good things in the collections that gave me a lot of inspiration and a LOT of wardrobe envy.

Pure coat porn at Ermenegildo Zegna, they fall and hang so beautifully. The left and right are my favourites, would happily add either of those to my wardrobe!

Moving on to Z Zegna (another brand of Ermenegildo Zegna) for brilliant layering and silhouettes. The colour palette is perfect, the muted tones of blue and grey complementing the layering perfectly. Love how striking the left look is - the high neck jumper and jacket is a perfect combination.

Xander Zhou was such an exciting collection; quirkiness definitely shone through with the unique take on collars and the fab coats with their digital collage prints. The silhouettes are just as quirky; the extended sleeves in the third look here really bring something different and are reminiscent of those that popped up in a few womenswear Fall/Winter collections back in February.

Minimal is always my favourite and Neil Barrett can always be counted on for that. These shirts particularly make such perfect silhouettes, the sleeves are the perfect length to me and I love the perforated surface of the second. Also really loving the cropped trousers I have to say.

Richard Nicoll also presented some great minimal looks; the weight of the fabrics and the way they hang is brilliant in these two. Absolutely love the top and trousers together - the fit of the top with the loose fitting trousers creates such a perfect silhouette. The jumpsuit too with the waistbands around the hips is beautiful, easily my favourite of the many jumpsuits that appeared in the season (check my post on that here).

Carven showed great angular and playful silhouettes. Love the large collars and zip fastenings, the angles working nicely with the sleeves and the two fits of trouser here.

Metallics didn't have much of an outing in the season but they looked great at ACNE. The combinations of oversized and fitted garments in the looks works really well, and such a good mix of colours.

Part two on it's way!

Saturday, 3 August 2013


The uni countdown is seriously picking up, can't believe I started the summer thinking it was going to drag on forever. Days booked for IKEA and car boot sale (ie. desperately trying to make some money to pay for everything), and keep finding 100 new things I need to do in the six weeks I have left. Shit.

One of these fun tasks was to put all my CD's onto iTunes which I still hadn't got round to after my old laptop died about a year ago and took a lot of my music I'd uploaded with it; no room for CD's in a tiny uni room!

The reason I'm boring you with this story is because I re-discovered some gems from the days when people actually used to buy CD's and as I never post about music I thought I'd share them here

Sunday Morning / Maroon 5 / 2003
Back in the good days of Maroon 5, love this whole album

Hold On / Just Jack / 2006
Definitely rediscovered a love for Just Jack, might even buy his other albums

How to be Dead / Snow Patrol / 2003
Snow Patrol breaking my heart with this and You Could Be Happy

 Never Went to Church / The Streets / 2006
Classic Mike Skinner, such a good song

 Mad World / Gary Jules & Michael Andrews / 2003
Forever love this, note to self: need to watch Donnie Darko again

Apparently 2003 and 2006 were good years for music! Clearly need to get some playlists sorted

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I decided to be productive/keep in the habit of sewing and such things and make a classic white shirt; I made a sleeveless one before for FMP which didn't go so badly but this time I tackled sleeves and cuffs. I went for a basic shape just because I wanted to focus more on the techniques etc but I chose slim and square cuffs and collar to make it a little but my own. Also finally having an iPhone makes stuff like this so much easier to document, makes me feel better about justifying the expense for uni needs!

Inventing a pattern by taking measurements from existing shirts

Cutting pattern pieces

Reunited with the sewing machine (and realising how much I missed it)


Collars are ridiculously hard to attach

Not bad for a first attempt at cuffs, always room for improvement though!

Styled in monochrome with skinny jeans and trainers

Pretty pleased with it overall, definitely the best thing I've made so far quality wise. Nice to be making stuff again, FMP kind of killed my inspiration for a while; also found it really weird sitting down at the machine again when the last time I used it was the intense three days I made my collection in. Took this at a more relaxed pace - deadlines are great for making me produce stupid amounts of work but it's nice to sew without a sense of impending doom.